Choose between Standard and Premium Quality beans from some of the best origins around the world. Single origins and unique house blends are available


We have a small range of teas that rotate constantly. This is our personal stash that isn't extensive nor does it last long. Enjoy full flavoured and low tannin teas.

Custom Blending

Get adventurous and create you very own unique coffee bend. Add the beans you want, choose the size, the roast and we'll roast it for you.


Give the gift that everyone loves; give the gift of coffee! Choose from 2 gift bags including message tags or upgrade to wooden crates.

Best specialty small batch coffee beans Melbourne

So there’s hundreds of coffee brands to choose from for sale in Australia. But which one is the best? We aim to put some customisation back into your coffee experience. Specialty, small batch and freshly roasted coffee is always superior. If you want this, you’re in the right place.

Best Coffee In Melbourne?

Everyone is different and no two people prefer their cup of golden goodness in the same way.  Our main difference is that unlike most roasters, we only create coffee the way you want it. Choose your single origin and select how you want it roasted. If single origins aren’t your cup of tea try our popular house blends or you can even create your own blend. If you don’t want to buy coffee online and stumbled upon our website looking for a physical store, go to this page. Alternatively, whip our Bean Hunter or download their app to find some solid coffee aficionados options in your area.

Our Difference

Freshly Roasted Beans are amazing

Coffee that's more than 4 days from it's roast date starts to lose flavour and intensity. With fresh coffee the flavour that permeates the air is nothing short of intoxicating. A seriously fresh cup of freshly roasted coffee is unbeatable. The delicious aroma that tingles your nose, the rich taste and the elating sensation that follows. Freshness of the bean can be the difference between a great coffee and an average one. Bean quality and the roast profile is important sure, but even low grade coffee can taste fantastic if it's fresh. By roasting your order only after we've received it means you get the freshest beans in Melbourne.

Specialty High Quality Beans

There's nothing like a quality single origin. A blend drinker will always be surprised at how much each origin differs. You will be spoilt for choice, because we stock some of the most rare and expensive beans in the whole world, not to mention, Australia.

Flexible Purchasing and Delivery

We an exclusive online only store meaning you won't find our product anywhere else. You can buy our coffee online delivered straight to your door or office for a small fee. Gifting is very popular and we have both gift bags and cards you can combine with your purchase so you can give a coffee obsessed friend that special present they've always wanted.

Secure Checkout

This website is protected with an SSL layer and provides multiple secure payment options including Stripe and Paypal because we know not everyone is the same. Bank transfer is also available upon checkout.