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Teapigs is a great company using high grade organic ingredients in silken tea bags. Not the cheapest in town but has some great London charm in terms of their packaging and marketing approach.

Elmstock is an Australian owned company based in WA. We have tried a lot of tea over the past few years and if you aren’t one who is too fussed with fancy packaging then we have the tea for you. Most tea comes off large wholesale ships straight from Sri Lanka or China and is bought by wholesalers and then eventually packaged by various companies before being sold at various stores around the country.

Elmstock is different. They buy directly from the importers and package the tea themselves meaning that the tea is fresher by the time you get to enjoy a cup. Help support Australian owned businesses and try one of the teas below. The depth of flavour will make sure you ever go back to B-grade tea bags again.

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Gunpowder Green Tea

A very high grade green tea which gets its name from the rolled up shape of the leaves after processing. Unlike the mild steam treated Japanese Sencha green teas, this tea has a stronger taste without the astringent tannin after-taste of lower grade varieties. It’s not a Silver Needles or White tea but its perfect for someone wanting to take a step up from their mass produced green tea option.

Sealed loose leaf 50g bag

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Mao Fung Green Tea Leaves 50pcs

Only the whole leaves are used in this tea. Forget the pulverised bitter dust that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth like a cheap powder. Step away from the dark side. Feel uplifted and refreshed with green!

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Chamomile 50pcs

Only the whole flow heads are used here offering the best quality flavour from the plant you can get. No bitter tannins.

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