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Proprietary Blends


Classic Italian Blend

Some people just like the traditional coffee taste and there’s nothing wrong with that. They want it strong, nutty with a kick at the end. Italian blends usually start with a Brazil or Colombian Arabica base, add 10-15% Robusta and sometimes finish with a touch of African. So if you want that strong coffee taste with a touch of smoky earth to the finish then this blend if for you. Forget those famous Italian brands you get in the supermarket which have been roasted overseas, spent 6 weeks on a ship and then sitting in a warehouse for 4-12 months. Try this freshly roasted blend.

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Hipster Barista Blend

Yirg’s are old school and the dismal Brasil harvest has meant roasters are experimenting with new beans in the base. Try this blend which mixes some of the trendy single origins that are going around at the minute. Don’t compromise on flavour but get a modern taste profile without having to trek to your closest decent cafe and be ignored by a tortoise-shell rimmed glasses-wearing, sleeve-tattooed barista who’s just come back from a holiday in South America. 3 bean mix minus the Brasil/Colombian base.

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Melbourne Espresso Blend

This blend best represents the style of coffee created by the new-wave coffee movement in Melbourne a la Seven Seeds, St Ali,  Freestyle Espresso etc. Sweet crisp honey florals on top, a big caramel cream middle, with toasted nuts and chocolate to finish. Roasted medium light, this is the perfect everyday blend that doesn’t offend anyone.

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Premium Single Origins


Kenyan Wamuguma

Kenyan coffee has always been known for its clean crisp citrus tastes combined with some jammy fruit. The Ethiopian coffees have really come to the fore these past few years and Kenyan’s have taken second place, until now. This Wamuguma will put to shame most average Yirgacheffe at any time of the day. Yes its still clean and citrus dominant but then this layer of fruit salad complexity pulls through and your taste buds are switching from one fruit to another without any fruit particularly dominating. It’s like tasting a dessert at a restaurant and the tastes are familiar but it’s so well blended together you can’t figure out the ingredients. As always, African coffees like this are best drunk black but its still versatile. Wake up with a punch and try this coffee. Limited time only

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Papua New Guinea Kokoda

PNG beans were popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s for blending into a Brazil base together with one or two other South American beans. They largely had fallen by the wayside as the African and South American beans made a resurgence over the past few years. However, a rise in the popularity of Kokoda trail tours which have become big business and Bali has stimulated demand. We’ve selected one of the best examples from this region. Don’t like fruity coffees? Great. The characteristic cocoa butter creamy middle is front and center finished with some crisp earthy tobacco chocolate. Low acidity means it’s perfect with milk or black.

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Costa Rican Tarrazu

Some people like punchy earthy coffees and other people like sweeter caramel coffees. If you are the later then you will love this bean. I would describe the flavour as if you mixed a generic coffee flavour with a slightly savoury dry caramel fudge. Forget the Guatemalan beans which tend not to have enough body. This bean which extends the flavour just enough to be an enjoyable single origin on its own.

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Cup of Excellence C.O.E

Each year coffee graders around the world descend on different regions to quality grade the best batches from each region. Only the highest quality beans receive a COE or Cup of Excellence grade. If there was a worldwide award for the best coffees each year, this would be it.

2014 – El Salvador Apaleca Las Brumas – Recently harvested and hot off the shelves, this COE shines on its own. Mix the depth of flavour from the Jamaican Blue Mountain and add touches of refined fruits with hints of citrus poking through to add some acidic structure to the cup. A fine example of one of the best coffees in the world.

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Ethiopian Sidamo Guji OCR

Ethiopian beans are hot property in Melbourne right now. Two fantastic seasons after a ruinous drought has meant a great harvest and the word is spreading. This coffee hasn’t been washed so the bean has absorbed some of the fruit flavours from the pulp of the coffee bean (like the Wahana below). Look for a sweet blueberry pineapple nose together with a great clean punchy caramel depth. Great with milk or black. Can coffee really smell like berries? Order a packet and find out for yourself.

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