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Cocoa Shaker – Blue

An excellent addition to your home coffee machine tool set – this plastic and metal cocoa shaker makes your coffee look like a cafe style creation in every cup!

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Thermometer (with clip)

Measuring the temperature of your water, milk or extraction is now easy! An economical option for every budding chef and barista.

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Knock Box / Coffee Knockout Bin $29.95

Personal sized bin for used espresso coffee grounds. Diameter 11cm (13 including the sides). Height 10.5cm.

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All coffee nuts will agree, the best investment you can make is a good quality grinder. Grinders are important so that you can control the size of the coffee particles. Conical burr grinders, when compared to blade-based grinders, are far superior as they produce a consistent grind.


We’ve tested a lot of equipment and we feel this range best represents value for money. Sure there are more expensive machines which can improve the taste of your extraction but from experience, knowing how to use an espresso machine properly is far more important to the end taste of your coffee than the subtle differences between machines.


French Press / Plunger $9.95

It’s pretty straight forward here. Heat resistant glass and stainless steel filter. Perfect for that no fuss portable coffee-making option. Check the brewing guide page to help optimise the taste you can get out of our coffee. Grind and technique is important here.

Pros: Cheap, simple to use, portable

Cons: Get an espresso machine for a richer extraction

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Backflush powder / espresso machine cleaner $12.80

This powdered coffee cleaner is used when you back-flush your group-head. It strips the old coffee oils and prevents oily water from tainting your extraction.

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Descaling solution $24.95

This fantastic de-scaling solution from Clean Machine will assist in removing the salts and limescale in the boiler.

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