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Gunpowder Green Tea

A very high grade green tea which gets its name from the rolled up shape of the leaves after processing. Unlike the mild steam treated Japanese Sencha green teas, this tea has a stronger taste without the astringent tannin after-taste of lower grade varieties. It’s not a Silver Needles or White tea but its perfect for someone wanting to take a step up from their mass produced green tea option.

Sealed loose leaf 50g bag

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$50 Gift Voucher

Purchase this to receive via email a personalised gift voucher to the value of $50. Only to be spent on products listed on the Melbourne Micro Roasters website.

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Emohome Pack

There are a lot of re-usable coffee capsule makers out there. I’ve tried this one and it’s reasonably decent and lasted me way past the stated 30 times. Works with most modern N*spresso machines. Included in this pack is one re-usable capsule, a 225g pack of our Melbourne Espresso Blend, ground specifically for capsule use and a Keifon Press Jar which will keep you ground coffee as fresh as can be when in storage. Remember ground coffee degrades faster than whole beans so this jar will help keep the ground coffee fresher for longer. Simply spoon in the mixture to the capsule, close the lid and hey presto, you just saved yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Great gift idea for pod machine lovers.

Note: each capsule holds around 5g of coffee when we tested it. Branded capsules hold around 6g. That means you should get around 50 shots out of this package.

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Mao Fung Green Tea Leaves 50pcs

Only the whole leaves are used in this tea. Forget the pulverised bitter dust that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth like a cheap powder. Step away from the dark side. Feel uplifted and refreshed with green!

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Keep Cup Hermes

We have 4 Hermes Keep Cups leftover from a large conference gift pack. These cups sell retail for around $16. They are yours for just $14 a cup.

These are the 8oz or 340ml cups. Only available in the colours pictured to the left.


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PNG Robusta

Dry processed robusta for blending into Italian style blends or for use as a cheap alternative to Arabica beans.

225g bag

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Chamomile 50pcs

Only the whole flow heads are used here offering the best quality flavour from the plant you can get. No bitter tannins.

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