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Rare Most Expensive Coffees – Single Origins


Decadence Gold 888 Blend

If price is less of an option and you’re wanting to impress with expense, this is the blend you should buy. Start with a luxurious base of nutty yet full flavoured Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona. Then we’ve added accents of 3 secret rare batch single origins which are difficult to find and incredibly expensive to buy (not Kopi Luwak or other animal excreted coffee). The blend is roasted in a very specific way which combines each bean’s individual flavour component together for form one full-flavoured taste with incredible length.  It’s blended in a similar way to Champagne houses mixing in back vintages in order to make a consistent NV. What you end up with is a coffee that you can savour for hours after you have taken your first taste. Impress with decadence if you can afford it.

225g bag, wax sealed with CR (custom roast) and string bound. Limited stock available

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Costa Rican Rare H

Now this coffee is interesting to say the least. A Kenyan varietal called ‘SL28′ has been grown in a very small amount on this Costa Rican farm lot in unique growing conditions for the first time. Mix some Kenyan fruity characteristics with the toffee caramel backbone that is an omnipresent feature of Costa Rican coffees. Very rare, very expensive but unique and delicious. Again this bean is exorbitantly expensive to buy however, if cost is no option and you want to expand your coffee tasting horizon then this is the coffee for you. With a Q score of 91.5 this bean will aim to please even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

225g bag

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Panama Heirloom Geisha

Geisha is the name of a coffee variety just like Yellow Bourbon, Maragogype etc. This one comes from a tight farmer collective in Panama. Geisha’s are known for their complex fruit driven flavours and this is no exception with a Q grading in the mid 90’s. Look for a jaffa, earl grey tea base accented with a tropical fruit bouquet of subtle lychee, muted pineapple and blood orange. Gorgeously complex, flavoursome beans. You will be tasting this for a good hour after drinking. We only recommend light extraction methods such as filter, plunger, pour-overs etc.

225g bag

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Hawaiian Kona Maui YC

If Jamaican Blue is a little out of your price range why not save a little and still get perhaps the second most famous coffee in the world. Like all high altitude island coffees great care has to be taken when roasting this bean but the results are sublime. Not many origins can develop quite like this one combining a full bodied taste with very low acidity. The taste starts with some delicate nectar sweetness, mixes with subtle hints of cinnamon spice before that classic dominant caramel base dominates your taste buds.  Hawaii is nice to travel too but you can still treat yourself to a slice of tropical living while hiding away from the Melbourne winter.

225g bag

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Jamaican Blue Mountain CE

What can I say…if you have money and you want one of the best coffee’s in the world (and most expensive) then this is it. Fully washed, the grading is impeccable meaning a very even roast is possible and taste variation is very limited. Don’t look for citrus or tropical fruit florals with this one. It has just the right amount of everything else. Very good as a black coffee or with milk. Yes it costs about 10 times what the other coffees do to buy but it has a subtle finesse about it that can be more than worth it. Be careful paying through your ears for the lower grade Jamaican Blue Mountain beans or blends which typically only include a small percentage of these beans. Most Jamaican Blue Mountain Beans out there are fake. This is the real deal 100% single origin. Is it as good as a COE? Well we are not sure. More reading can be found on the region here at Sweet Maria’s website which is one of the underground coffee roasting authorities in the world. 

225g bag

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Remember you can also create some of the most expensive blends in the world using the beans above by using the custom roast page.

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